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Default Withdrawn - PLEASE CLOSE for sale: Vintage S&W Catalogs and Publications

I found that I have some S&W catalogs from 1998 to 1974, in "as new" condition unless noted below at the end of each item, which need to be adopted. The following listing covers (in order shown) - item number/year/content/quantity available/price/condition if not 'as new'. To purchase, please respond with "I'll Take" and the item numbers and quantities if more than 1 are available. If you need additional information or a photo of a cover, please PM me. Thank you for your interest.

7/1995/handguns + accessories/1/$20
8/1994/Sigma pistols/2/$20
9/1994/handguns + accessories/1/$20
10/1993/handguns + accessories/1/$20
11/1992/handguns + accessories/1/$20
12/1991/handguns + accessories/1/$20/excellent condition
13/1989/LadySmith revolvers/1/$25
15/1986/handguns + accessories/4/$25
16/1985/pistols only/1/$25
17/1984/handguns+long guns+accessories/1/$25
18/1983/gifts & accessories only/1/$20/punched for 3 ring
binder - excellent
19/1983/handguns/1/$20/punched for 3 ring binder - excellent
20/1983/leather goods/1/$20/punched for 3 ring binder -
21/1983/handguns+long guns+accessories/1/$25
22/1980/handguns/1/$25/punched for 3 ring binder - excellent
23/1974/handguns/1/$30/punched for 3 ring binder - very good

24/1991/"Artistry in Arms" book. This vintage Photographic Catalog and Narrative was prepared by the internationally famous Smith & Wesson Historian, Mr. Roy Jinks, for the 1991 - 1995 museum tour which was entitled "Artistry in Arms". It illustrates and describes the antique revolvers which were the subject of the national tour, and provides a unique insight into the beginning of the partnership which was the foundation of Smith & Wesson, arguably the finest firearms manufacturer.

The publication identifies the beautiful products in each display case, and provides valuable historical information for them. On page 73 you will even find photographs of the Gustave Young engraved New Model #3 revolver which subsequently sold for $625,000!

The tour ended some 26 years ago, and this book is out of print, of course - but you have one final chance of owning a piece of history. The 82 page soft-cover book is brand new, and comes in its original Smith & Wesson envelope./1 only/$50
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