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so would you break it down and do a complete clean, or wait?
Exactly what are you breaking down? There is absolutely no need to "break down" anything to properly clean a revolver. No need to disassemble or even take out any screws.
I am aware that some people remove the cylinder for cleaning, but I consider that foolish. Its not necessary and puts un-needed wear on the screw. Do it often enough and the screw won't stay tight and will start coming loose during shooting.
I only "break down" a revolver when it shows signs of needing a full disassembly and having the innards scrubbed good. That might happen maybe once every 20 years?

As to the original question. If I know I'm going to shoot the gun again in the near future, No I won't bother cleaning it. Just a quick wipe down with a clean cloth.
However, if I know the gun will go into the safe for anywhere from several months to years before shooting it again, I get plumb anal about giving it a through scrubbing to the best of my ability.
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