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Originally Posted by glenwolde View Post
As for metering of 700-X:

I've tried it in an RCBS, Lyman, and various Lee's. It's never worked for me in any powder measure any better than +-.2 and that was iffy with the RCBS.

Some seem to not have problems while others with the same equipment don't. I can't explain it. If it works for you great! If you're new to it go the extra length to verify what it's throwing. I definitely noticed the occasional under-charge while shooting.
On my two Lyman 55s, I have home-made cardboard baffles in their powder reservoirs, and I believe it helps charge consistency for about any propellant. I bought my first Lyman 55 back around 1967, have been using only 55s ever since. I have an RCBS, but I don't like it. With 700-X, mine keep within +/- 0.1 grains. And actually that's more precision than I need. The only other thing you need to do is to keep an eye on the reservoir powder level. I always try to keep the powder level at least an inch above the baffle. Oh, also I NEVER use the powder knocker, I even removed them from my Lymans. The only propellant I ever had consistency trouble with was, I think, HS-6 and that was years ago. It was so inconsistent I ended up using the Lee plastic powder scoop set instead of the Lyman 55 measures.

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