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I am a .22 nut . and have several short only rifles. The Winchester 1906 was produced short only for about the first 80,000 serial numbers. It went S, L, LR in late 1907. I have two. The Winchester 1890 was caliber specific and I have two 1890s in .22 short. A rare, or at least scarce is the Winchester model 56 in .22 short. and I was fortunate to find one at a garage sale. The chamber in it is still an unmolested .22 short. It also still has the short marked mag. I also have a military marked Winder musket in .22 short and just sold my1939 Model74 in .22short.

I have several Winchester boys rifles in .22 short and long and a couple marked Short, Long and Extra long. The Extra long cartridges are nearly extinct and only found at gun shows or collectors. The last box of 50 that I saw was $400.00, I passed. I have one box with 28 left in it and I paid to much for them.
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