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Originally Posted by Nevada Ed View Post
Try your 4227 powder first for the light loads and save the Blue Dot for last, if things don't work out for you.

If and when you try the 500 or 700 grain bullets, you might need
a good pair of gloves if going to the limit!!

Have fun.
I haven't loaded 700's...yet! I did load some 500 cast bullets. I don't remember the load off the top of my head but I know it was 296. It was an invigorating experience! And yes, I do use gloves. PACT padded gloves and they work nicely.

I have some cases ready and I think I'm going to start of with the 4227. I just need to get some time to sit down at the reloading bench.

Thanks for the ideas everyone!

Here's the gun that spits them out.

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