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Originally Posted by much ado View Post
Not intending to hijack this thread but could someone tell me the approx. date of manufacture of M29-2 N471xxx. Thanks, John
Should be 1977.

Originally Posted by JR1972 View Post
I'm a large guy so I'm not too worried about the recoil. I put a pic of the gun up, is it a square butt? Also found another set of #"s kind of below the serial number.
Originally Posted by JR1972 View Post
Other numbers are 1X254 and below that is A2. Curious if anyone knows what they pertain too?
The numbers you see on the yoke and face of the butt that match each other are production numbers, to keep parts together during assembly and finishing. The SN will be on the bottom of the butt frame and inside the yoke cut on the frame, and will start with an "S" if the gun was built 1968 or earlier, and an "N" if built after 1968. Your 1979 gun will be a square butt.

Originally Posted by 3rdgeargrndrr View Post
Take the grips off or show a picture of the rear of the grips to he sure.
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