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Default HDY 300gr 50AE bullets in 500 Mag

Originally Posted by cmj8591 View Post
I have a ton of Hornady 300 grain xtp's that were made for the 50 AE.
I want to work up a load for my 500 Mag.
I have IMR4227, 296, H110 and a small amount of Blue Dot.
I'm looking for something in the light to medium range.
I bought a bunch of these on clearance & have shot them in my 2-3/4" bbl. 500ES.

Hornady rates these 50AE bullets to just 1400fps so they're fine for moderate loads.

I usually use Unique, Power Pistol or Blue Dot in my moderate 460 or 500 Mag handloads.

Using W296 (34-36grs) I got inconsistent ignition which I'm sure was due to the lack of a cannelure & the very slow powder & I never tried it again with this bullet.

Seated to a COAL of 1.910" I tried loads using Blue Dot with charges from 24.5 - 25.8grs. QuickLoad estimates a max velocity at 1231mv/1009me.

With Power Pistol I ranged from 19.0 - 21.5grs with a slightly higher QL estimated MV of 1173 - 1300fps.

Using Unique I ranged from 17-19.0grs at 1196-1290mv, per QL.

All the above used CCI-200 primers but I've used CCI-300 primers with moderate Unique, Power Pistol & Blue Dot loads in the past without any issues

I also have Lee's Collet Crimp die for the 500Mag but mine doesn't seem to put a very aggressive crimp on these bullets.

My notes don't say, & I don't recall, but usually I deep seat a bullet like this (without a cannelure) to the ogive & then use my Redding Profile Crimp die to apply a crimp over the ogive, which has always prevented crimp jump for me, similar to the way the HSM 300gr & Rainier 335gr plated bullets are seated below.




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