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In most all instances am familiar with, pistol brass shrinks in length over time/multiple resizings. This happens because the brass "flow" is downward. This can actually be measured with calibers, and can cause problems in tight (match) cut semi auto chambers. This is the reason companies offer special push through sizing dies that can restore the original length, or get close. The only exception to this have actually witnessed was shooting high pressure mag brass in a rifle with longer chamber cut.

The last batch of starline 44 mag brass bought was on the short side, with some below min oal. If there was significant enough variation may have considered trimming them all. A Lee factory crimp or Redding profile crimp die can work with greater variation of brass length.

You may need to be observant with the shorter starline brass, as have witnessed 44 mag loads with shorter bullets fit in a 696 chamber.
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