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I'm on a 750 for most everything accept 44MAGNUM I do that the what I like to call the traditional way on my lee turret...

I only have one plate on my 750 I just swap the dies its rather easy and I enjoy the setup, the volume of shooting you do and your dislike for loading for the fam would be eliminated with a 750....

I myself can make up to 500 a night of say 9mm or 40 or 45 of good quality range ammo the prep has to be there and the focus but it sure would take the dislike out of it...

Time is key and what I looked at when buying a Dillon, on a turret it took me 5 days to make 500 9mm making 100 a night at that took a good HR now I can make 100 in 10mins so I ask you sir....

This is the way....
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