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Originally Posted by Fltr09 View Post
I have 2 550', a 650 dedicated to 45 ACP and a 1050 dedicated to 9mm. Never used to be worth it to load 9mm before but that changed. The 650 and up are not near as easy to convert calibers on. I have several 550 toolheads set for all the calibers I use and can switch them in about 5 minutes. Very easy once you've done it a few times.
So if I only could have 1, well 2 as I believe 1 for small and 1 for large primers, the 550 wins for me.
Iíve been hand loading since I was 12, 44 years and counting. The economics of 9mm Luger reloading runs in cycles.

When there are no shortages on ammo I generally replenish my 9mm Luger brass by buying 115 gr FMJ or 124 gr FMJ promo loads from Remington, Federal or Winchester as the prices are often less than a dollar more per box of 50 than it costs me to reload with similar comments into once fired brass.

However even in times of plenty, factory 9mm hollow point or other ammo is still two to three times as expensive as it costs me to load the same components into new or cleaned once fired brass.
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