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Did a night test on some powers years ago, out of a 6" barrel.

All test had five (5) loads each to see the size and color of the powders.
Even the same powder had different size flames, but it is just the way things are.

Some powdes are short in length while others are longer and the width of the "Ball"
will also shange with the type and amount of powder.

Colors of the flame go from yellow to a deep Red and a mixture of the two
while some powders have "Sparklers" tossed in for an added show stopper.

I agree that CFE-p does have a reduced "Fire Ball" as does the faster powders vs Unique or slower powders.

Most ranges are well lighted, so we seldom get to see the "Fireworks show" but if you see a 41 or larger weapon, you might get lucky.......
or me with my 357 full loads with IMR 4227.
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