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Originally Posted by BB57 View Post
If you are having issues with the case not wanting to enter the seating due, it either has way too much bell that is hanging up on the die, or you donít have enough and the bullet is hanging up on the top of the case.
I'm usually open to admitting my mistakes. I did try varying the amount of bell on the cases. Keep in mind, this is a set of dies on which I have loaded thousands of rounds of .38 Special and .357 Magnum over many years. I was able to take a single round through every stage without a problem (although the case would sometimes require a little guidance going into the seat die).

I have had no trouble at all using my RCBS 9mm dies on the 550.

I have included some interesting pictures. Early RCBS dies, like my .357 dies, have squared off holes without any radius to the opening. Dillon dies have an impressive radius. Newer RCBS dies have a mild radius.

First picture is my 1977 RCBS .357 Magnum seat die

Second is my brand new Dillon seat die

Third is my 20 year old RCBS .41 Mag seat die to show the newer style like my 9mm dies.
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