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My FIL had a Springfield Model 67 Series E pump shotgun that he bought back in the '50s. He got it for $25 at a gas station. My BIL, who inherited it, told me he remembered his Dad taking it out hunting all day and when he got back, even if it had been raining hard, would just stand it in the corner till the next time it was needed. So an economy model (cheap!) shotgun, bought used, which received minimal care, if any.

BIL lacked cleaning supplies so asked me to clean and oil it. I gave it a decent cleaning but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. The finish is pretty much gone, and rust is pretty widespread. The bore is pretty dark, but I got it as clean as I could.

The punch line is:
It will never win any beauty contests, but after 60+ years of abuse and neglect still shoots and functions fine.
They lack our altruism.
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