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You can't use "available" and "reasonable" in the same sentence with regards to Primers! They are STILL the Achilles Heel in the Reloading game.

While I am certainly not encouraging anyone to get totally ripped off, it still pays to buy Primers at somewhat inflated prices. See my math example below. This is for 45acp with a 230 hard cast grain Lead Ball bullet - polymer coated, 4.5 grains of W231 powder and large Pistol Primers at let's say $100/1000 (10 cents ea.).

Brass Case - free
Primer - 10 cents
Powder - a penny and a half
Hard Cast Polymer Coated 230 grain Bullet - 10 cents

That adds up to .22 cents a round or $11 per box of 50 rounds. STILL way way under what you can buy Factory ammo for! So while we WERE paying $28 bucks for a 1,000 Primers only a few years ago, I don't think we'll see that again anytime soon! While I too HATE getting reamed, .22 cents a round for .45acp is considered reasonable by today's standards!
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