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Easy method of finding max COL for your pistol with any given bullet.

With firing pin/striker retracted, insert cleaning rod into bore and let it rest against breech. Wrap a piece of tape around the rod where it exits the muzzle, as accurately as you can.

Now insert bullet of choice into chamber and point the muzzle straight down. Let the bullet slide into the lands, don't push or shake it down. Insert cleaning rod into bore until it gently touches the bullet. Wrap tape around rod at muzzle again. If you using a HP bullet, you will need to fill the HP or tape over it to keep the rod from entering the HP and giving a false reading.

Measure the distance between both upper or lower edges of the tapes--either will do. That will give you the max COL for that bullet to the lands. That does not mean the round will fit the mag or feed, but gives that COL Max with that bullet.

This works with rifles also.
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