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Originally Posted by Vince from MO View Post
Thanks to all that posted! It is great to be able to find out so much in such a short time.! Now, I always have "buyers remorse" so assuming that 95% condition is about right, what should it be worth?

Thanks, Vince
It's hard to put a solid price on any used S&W these days. It seems like prices, especially on older and desirable pieces like yours, are all over the place.

I bought a 1948 vintage K22 at auction a little over 10 years ago. It was about a 90% gun and I felt good about getting it then for $425. I wouldn't take much less than twice that for it now. It came with all matching numbers (incl grips) but no box, tools, or docs.

If you are going to keep it and shoot it, the only person who needs to be satisfied with the price is you. As for the grips, since the originals are gone, you can put a pair of period correct grips ("wrong" number) on it, a set of period correct but un-numbered target grips, or whatever aftermarket grips fit you. Remember, some of those period grips from the well known grip makers are now bringing hundreds of dollars and enhance rather than detract from the gun's value.


PS Since they didn't come with the gun, I don't think I would mess with trying to get a "correct" box and accessories for it. A gun is only original once, and you're fooling yourself if you try to make it all original again.
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