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Originally Posted by crstrode View Post
Pay no attention to anyone that disses your "fishing vest"
Very funny!!!

I wear several bird hunting vests, you know, the kind with a big pocket in the back for dead pigeons , but, as noted above, I live in vests so I have so many it doesn't matter. Nobody cares. Everyone who knows me expects me to be in a vest so it simplifies matters. Everyone who doesn't know me......I'm a cypher, a ghost, nobody "sees" me.....or you.

Regular EDC:

Often EDC:

There is no other "rotation" for me per se, just some other guns I like and know how to use well, snubbie K frames, larger 3rd Gen S&Ws.

Since this is a thread about "tips" let me add - practice point shooting. After you do that go ahead and get some bullseyes using your sights just to remind yourself how and to show off if you must. Then practice point shooting again.

Explanation because I don't want to mislead anyone:

Put out a standard B-27 silhouette target. Stand 10 or more feet away. Look this evil dude in the face, remember that he's fixing to kill you, draw your gun properly and point it at his center mass and fire. Do that again and again and at different distances. Notice I said "point". I did not say "aim".

Don't waste time or money on red dots; those optics are useless for point shooting since you're not using sights, anyway, you're gun fighting to survive.

End public service announcement. Back to your regularly scheduled program......

Come and take it!!
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