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Originally Posted by bigmtnman View Post
I was at dinner last night with 8 friends at our Longhorn steakhouse. Somehow conversation got around to what men have in their wallets. I pulled out my credit card size "folds out into a knife thingamjig" 😁. One gal (picture the "oh me - oh my" type) asked why I would want to carry a WEAPON like that 😨 ? .. "Weapon"? says I .."It's a knife" (as I pick up my steak knife). "It's a tool". "If I want a WEAPON, I don't pull a knife out of my wallet .... I just pull the GUN .... out of my POCKET" !! 😂😎 ...... Mic. drop 😁😆!! .... End of THAT conversation ... 😈 !!
Thats pretty cool. Who makes it?
This is social media.
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