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It's a nifty little tool, that's for sure.

However, I must disagree that knives in general are tools, as there are certain knives which were designed as weapons, and thusly excel at nothing else. Classic Bayonets, Stilettos, Karambits, Balisongs, and certain Fighting Knives come to mind here. Good as weapons, but substandard in any other role. Nowadays, more knives are designed as multipurpose tools rather than strictly as weapons, so the lines have blurred, and what most folks carry are indeed better classified as "tools" rather than "weapons" but that doesn't mean that every carry knife on the market today is a tool.

For example, for the last few years, I've carried a Cold Steel Ti-Lite VI, which is sort of a modern legal take on the classic Stiletto Switchblade design. As such, it's not good for much other than stabbing and to a lesser extent cutting. It's not much good for chopping, slicing/dicing, or carving, and forget about doing any of that fancy bushcraft stuff like batoning, feathering, or starting campfires with it using a Ferro Rod. It's a weapon, not a tool.
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