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Ok, If you want stories, I got one. About 5 years ago I accompanied my girlfriend at the time to her company Christmas party. Fancy suit and tie type affair. This was a large medical group. Lots of doctors. nurses and other assorted liberals. The food was buffet style with little plastic plates and the only silverware was plastic forks. Unfortunately the main entree was roast beef. After a couple of attempts at cutting this stuff with a plastic fork, I took out my S&W SWAT pocket knife, flipped it open one handed and started cutting. Everybody stopped and stared kinda slack jawed for a few seconds, but didn't say anything. I finished my chore and handed the knife to GF who then cut hers. Then dinner continued without a word said about it. Actually, I think a few of them wished that they had a pocket knife.
I do kinda wonder what they would have thought if they had known there was a small pistol in my pocket, but I didn't push my luck.
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