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All Revolvers with adjustable sights have a certain amount of play or slop in them. Some of mine have more than others, however no noticeable degradation of accuracy is noticeable so far so I have not replaced them yet. I have plenty of new replacements in my tool box (so there is no cost to me to replace them), but I can still shoot sub 1" groups with those Revolvers at 50 feet so I am not motivated to do so yet.

What IS a problem is excessive play. I don't have an exact measurement to give you as to what excessive qualifies as, but the bottom line is how the Revolver shoots. If you can hold tight groups, simply forget about it. If your (or a known good shot) is shooting all over the paper then it might be time to replace them.

You could try replacing JUST the rear blade as the one in there could be slightly thin or worn. To do so you have to measure the height with a pair of Caliper's (NO they are not all the same height) and order that exact one along with a new screw and nut kit. To replace the rear sight blade the screw must be cracked (they are designed to do that by turning all the way util it breaks). Brownell's usually has them in stock. If that doesn't work, then the entire assembly should be replaced. Either way, the parts are usually available and they won't break the bank.
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