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Originally Posted by Nevada Ed View Post
When "Doubble tapping" with the little J frame........

you will quickly learn how much fps you can handle to get the 2nd shot onto a target , where it counts.

A lot of "Things" are needed to get it all, to come together.
The first being regular practice, of course. Iíve found that moving and turning target carriers really, really help, as do steel target ranges with lots of steel targets, though less so.

But in my experience, no matter how focused you are when you practice, you are not nearly as focused as when you are faced with a living target or, especially, in a potentially life and death situation.

I havenít been in any potentially life threatening situations with any handguns, but I have Cape Buffalo and elephant hunting with a 458wm. My loads were stiffer than any factory loads at the time. In practice I rocked with recoil and there was substantial muzzle rise, but facing a Cape buffalo or elephant their was just enough recoil and report for me to know the rifle fired. Most caught on still or video.

Similarly, I got a bloody nose every time I zeroed my 12ga slug gun and dreaded it, I actually think perceived practice recoil was worse with the the deer shotgun than the elephant rifle. But I never got a bloody nose or noticed much recoil shooting deer.

I suspect that if I have to use any of my handguns in self defense it will be similar, little perceived recoil, little muzzle rise, relatively little report.
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