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Originally Posted by steelslaver View Post
TOO MUCH OIL. None is better than too much. When I clean the inside of one I then get some light oil on my fingers (I uses synthetic motor oil). Just enough my fingers are slightly oily. Touch the studs and parts that move against one another as I assemble. If I ever do the brake cleaner spray clean method. I then spray in some light a bit of light oil and cycle it, hit is with a light shot of brake cleaner again. But, it is going to get the side plate off next time I am set up to clean.

If your parts glisten that is too much. I don't care what super lube you use it, even those that will not harden, will collect dust, burnt powder etc. Use to much and your going to have gunk.
Exactly what he said. If you've got so much lube inside the sideplate that it's collecting gunk, you've got too much in there. I lube with very little oil and only the rebound slide, and a smidge on the hammer pivot post (probably not the right name for that part).
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