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Short answer: there is no quick and easy chart.

Iím going from memory so Iíll probably screw this up and I welcome corrections and fact-checks!

The no-dash 52 arrived inÖ hmmm 1962 or 1963? These started at sn 50000 and the no-dash ran to somewhere near 53500 I think.

Then the 52-1 arrived and that ran from about 53501 to 55999 or somewhere near. I donít think any 52ís went to 56000. At that point the range jumped directly to 100000.

Here it gets odd because the SCSW 4th says that the A-serial prefix starts at A115001 but we have seen examples of A-prefix between 100000 and 115001. SCSW 4th also suggests that A115001 should be 1970.

The A-prefix and 6 digit number ran all the way to the A700-some range, I think. I donít believe I have seen any A800xxx Model 52 pistols but the 2nd Gen 9mm guns were definitely using the A800xxx and this would have been around 1983.

Some time in the mid-1980ís, the Model 52 moved to the three alpha prefix system with three letters and four numbers. And unless my memory is failing me, these started with a TAA-alpha prefix. If Iím guessing, Iíll say 1986 or 1987.

The very last 52ís were made in the first half of 1993 and carry a TZx-xxxx serial number. Somewhere in the Txx series, the lettering on the slide changed to match the more modern 3rd Gen style and the classic ďfour linesĒ of S&W information disappeared from the left side of the slide.

The later 52ís made in the late 80ís and early 90ís were shipped with a right side stock panel that had the ambi-cut for a decocker that no 52 ever had, this was simply a production streamlining thing as the 2nd Gen 439/539/639 pistols needed the newer stock to make room for the ambidextrous lever on the right side.
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