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Way back in the 70’s when I went down this rabbit hole I lived in apartments most of the time. One bedroom was the gun room, the other for sleeping. First bench top was part of a lane from a bowling alley, 30” deep and thick. Heavy as all get out. It took 2 of us to move a 12’ long section when we picked it up, before it was cut to 5 foot. Shelves for ammo and components were in the closet. That bench was supported by legs and crosspieces made from 2x6’s bolted together. It never even moved, but I only had a Rockchucker and such on it, powder measure etc.

Our final resting place is in the south, and there was an old Timey store along with the house we purchased. That is now my reloading building. Now on the bench is a Dillon 450, 650, and that original RC. A separate 8’ long table for cleaning guns, sizing bullets and powder coating the bullets. A corner unit it strictly for cleaning guns. Shelves, cabinets, wall shelves almost hold everything else.

I do not think you can ever have a big enough area to use!

Regards, Rick Gibbs
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