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I can see of no earthly reason why an OEM 4506 spring isnít absolutely perfect for both the 845 and 5-inch 945.

If you have opened a 4506 magazine and a 945 magazine and you found a different number of coils in the spring then what you have discovered is that S&W used many different suppliers of parts across time.

Itís why the earliest 945ís had hex-head grip screws and later 945ís sported less attractive slotted head screws. Itís also why we have seen multiple variations across PC Limited pistolís adjustable rear sights.

The earliest 945 magazines literally were 4506 magazines with dual cuts in the body for the magazine catch. With the help of a buddy and a fantastic milling machine, we altered six of my own 4506 magazines specifically for me to use in my 945ís.

I havenít used a genuine 945 magazine in either of mine in whatÖ five years? All my OEM 945 magazines are stored.
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