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Originally posted by myanof:
Therefore for practice I shoot 240gr Hard Cast SWC over 7.5gr of Unique. For Mama bear I load with 300gr hard cast or Speer FP Bonded over a max load of 296. The 300gr is horrible to shoot in a MG, but probably not as fierce as mama bear. Thanks
The only thing I've shot in mine is the 250gr Keith with 7.5 gr of Unique. Any more then that and it is hard on the web of my hand.

I will admit with the new grips it's much better.

In addition to the .44 I also own a stainless version in .45 Colt. For some reason the rubber grips on this gun don't hurt me.

The load for the .45 Colt is a Lyman 255 gr Keith style and 8.5 gr of Unique. I also own a 265 gr Ballisti Cast mold that makes an even better bullet. But the mold never cools off and I sell 100% of what I make with it.

One day I will get to try that 265 gr bullet.
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