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Originally posted by SmithNut:
as we discussed on the phone, my .356 6904 has the stock recoil spring. It really throws the brass, but works flawlessly with the original 9mm mags. I bought a +2 and +4 springs, but haven't tried them yet. Keep us informed.

You guys are having too much fun here! Who can tell me where to find a .356tsw barrel for my M6944? That would be a fantastic project. Grinder, did you have your original barrel reamed out or did you find one of these special PC barrels? I would sure be appreciative if anyone knows where another one of those are.

It is an older narrow hood barrel pistol, so I had it reamed out. The PC barrel is the wide hood. Should be no problem picking up a 9mm barrel to throw back in my 6904 sometime.
Good luck on your project
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