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Sorry it's not a S&W guys, but give it a look any way. Helping a friend who needs the cash.

Taurus model 450, 5 shot 45 long Colt. Roughly the same size as my 66 snubbie (shown for comparison, not for sale !)

Fired, but not much. Very nice action and in great shape.

Pics tell the story (serial number intentionally blocked out)

With S&W 66 for size comparison Left side Right side detail rear muzzle cylinder/shield

<span class="ev_code_RED">$400 SHIPPED to your FFL - firm, sorry - no trades</span>

I was surprised and impressed with the feel of the gun and action, and I've never been a big Taurus fan. First "I'll take it" here posted takes precedence over email time stamps. Post that and follow up with an email. Make sure to include your forum name in the email.

Thanks for looking
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