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I've owned several 1076s over the years; they're one of my favorite semi-autos, and I've never owned a bad one. I currently only own one; a worn but still mechanically flawless model that had the mag disconnect disabled at some point in its life. 100% reliable with anything I put in it, and it's my opinion that the 1076 had the best trigger of any S&W auto platform.

The comments about the trigger prepping are interesting; when I was in the Border Patrol Academy in 2003 we were actually taught a version of "prepping" the triggers on our issue Beretta 96Ds that scared the Hell out of me; namely we were supposed to begin our trigger pull as soon as we cleared the holster, the idea being that with practice we'd get to where the gun would discharge just as we acquired a proper sight picture, with no time lag between sight picture acquisition and the breaking of the shot. A lot of my classmates kept throwing rounds into the dirt in front of them, and I half expected someone, eventually, to put a round through their support hand.
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