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Don't get me wrong, I love the 1076 I think it's the greatest gun S&W has produced and I carry it daily. It is also easy for me to say that they are not worth 2k I got mine for 300 bucks. To a collector as we all know they can command the extremely high prices we have seen. I have one now and would like to have more FBI models. I think the point I was trying to make is the overall functionality of the gun is the same as the regular 1076. The FBI guns have the same trigger feel and double action feel as the civilian model. That said I am in law enforcement yet I carry the civilian model. I am not concerned that the gun will not function with the mag removed. This actually mirrors the training and function of our issued duty guns. I think there is an overall misconception that the FBI gun will be superior to the regular model and for me I don't see that as the case. And DMC8163 IS the resident expert on the FBI guns and I appreciate all of your feedback this is a great story on an outstanding gun. Thanks to the FBI for coming up with such a great round. 10MM is here to stay.
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