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I have been following the very interesting discussion of the infamous FBI 1076 so I thought some of you collectors of the 1076, more specifically the model shipped to the Bureau, might like to see my example along with some associated literature/items. Thanks Dave for a really detailed summary of the specifics of this pistol and things collectors need to pay attention to when searching out the Bureau shipped guns. This one is TEU0327 that wound up as a red handle dry fire gun as it still has remants of the red paint on the grips. I wish the dealer in Texas where the gun came from a few years back would not have removed the paint. He thought it would be easier to sell with the grips cleaned up. I have many more photos of these items and will send them separately if anyone is interested. I am looking for an 11 round hi-cap magazine if anyone has an extra. I know these are tough to find however, even working around agents who trained on and carried this model for the short while it was in service hasn't turned one up.

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