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I know this isn't anything close to what you're asking, but I've really liked using W231/HP38 for really light (read: like shooting a 38 wadcutter) loads using a 180gr bullet in .44 mag.

I have to believe that it would work well with a 215gr special as well. Lyman's 47th shows a starting load of 10gr of 231 for a cast 180gr 44, but I had great results all the way down to 5.7 grains. Clean burning, no unburnt powder, accurate, low smoke, and tiny groups. There was plenty enough power to clear the barrel, but not enough to penetrate bowling pins. I love it!
WARNING: The lead contained in this bullet has been known to the State of California to cause severe injury and even death... especially when travelling at over 1,400 feet per second!
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