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I think the Canadian politicians have the right idea by ruling that antique pistols are not a firearm. However, their restrictions by caliber are not necessary, as any caliber can have ammo made for it (I roll my own). It is not the caliber that keeps the gangs on the streets from using antique pistols, it is the rarity of the handguns themselves that justifies the antique designation. They are simply too hard to find and too expensive to attract the interest of the average bad guy. Modern semi-auto pistols are much more attractive to the average gang member. The vast majority of people are completely unaware of antique handguns and wouldn't even know where to find one if they wanted to. I'd like to see all pistols and rifles made before 1898 ruled as antique here in Canada. Forget about caliber designations. These old classics never will be an attraction to the drug-dealing rapper.
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