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Mike, I would have thought that you should be able to tell from the little bit of data that has already been posted that there is not much of a relationship between serial numbers and shipping dates. I think we can all see that. We are not babes in arms that need to be protected from real data in case we get mislead.

The shipping dates are not completely random. For example, it is doubtful that serial numbers 1 through 5 weren't shipped until 1912. If you think a data base of serial numbers and shipping dates is worthless, then I must confess that I am mystified. I use searchable databases on a daily basis and they really speed up the acquisition of knowledge. What we have on this thread is a very tiny sampling that we can search visually in a few seconds. I think it would be a worthy effort for someone to compile a huge searchable data base. I would be surprised if Roy Jinks is not beginning to do that. Everytime someone sends in a request for a letter, it would make good sense to record the serial number and the found data in a computer file. Five years later, after the pistol has changed hands and the new owner writes in for a letter, the whole search doesn't have to start from scratch all over again. The serial number is simply typed in and up comes all the data, including scans of old records, etc.

Mike, are you suggesting that average folk should not compile serial numbers and shipping dates and descriptions, or that this information should not be available for the public to see. I get suspicious when I hear stuff like that. Why do you not want the public to have this kind of information. Fearing that the poor, deluded public might be misled just does not wash. I collect old Winchesters as well and when I encounter a Winchester collector who doesn't want me to know stuff like serial numbers, shipping dates, factory info, etc. I get real suspicious. I, and a friend of mine, have been burned in some Winchester deals when we first started out because the sellers (who were very serious collectors themselves) knew we were new collectors. He could mislead me and overcharge me and pass off guns that did not letter to me, just so long as I didn't find out the real data. Because of having been burned bad in the past, when you don't want people to know the factory info on these old guns, I get big red flags, Mike.
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