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New aristocrat sights have a little knob to turn with your fingers to change settings. They made the head of the screw into a knob.

Great sights for hitting the same spot, dead center, at the same distance. Not so advantageous if you are trying to shoot long and short distances under time. Taking your eye of targets, finding the setting knob, changing it, and then getting back on target may be to costly if you are shooting for a faster time type of scoring. In the PPC game you have already set the sights for the distance, shoot till your done, and then go to the next yard line.

Ribs add weight which helps with recoil and muzzle flip. Aristocrat gives a great target sight picture. But not so great for combat sight to get a quicker sight picture.

You have three settings of known distances. You can set these to hit where you want at different yard distances via the fine set screws. There are no markings on these fine set screws, you just adjust til hits are where you want them. If you are hunting, you only have the three known distance settings. There is no way to know how much is too much or too little of adjustment on those fine set screws in the field. Could it help .. maybe or maybe not.
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