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I know these sights are intended for the PPC game which if I understand correctly is shot at 7,25, and 50 yards. I don't shoot this and probably never will, but I wondered how useful these sights would be for other applications such as informal IHMSA shooting (I've seen similar setups on the front sights of S&W's for this purpose), hunting, and plain old plinking. My first question is what other ranges can these sights be set for; is 25, 50 and 75 yards possible for example or is there not that much range of adjustment? Second question is can these be quickly adjusted by hand? It appears so but I was sure if that was the case or if a dime or screwdriver was required. My thought here was if one was hunting could you keep it on a 25 yd setting and switch to a longer range setting if you happened to see something further out and had time to make a change. Thought I would pose this question here as I know several of you fine gents have PPC guns. Thanks for your insights.
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