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The F comp has one large comp hole on top of the barrel at the end. The K comp is the same thing as magna porting but with two on each side.
This isn't correct. The only difference between the two is the material used in construction. The factory's internal designation for the stainless K frame is "F", while "K" is used for carbon steel. so, the F Comp is the M66, while the K Comp is the M19, otherwise they are exactly the same in configuration - i.e., they all have the large expansion chamber style comp. The PC (and regular production line) has used several designation for this style of comp unfortunately, from just Comp, to Carry Comp to Powerport (i.e., M686 Powerport).
The magna porting style is usually called just that, or in some early models they referred to them as quad porting, but later quad ports were internally done - not Magna ported. Can be confusing.

The X-Comp designations (L,K,F,V) usually refers to the frame/model, but as noted the V throws this askance, since the V is talking about the shape of the comp/barrel.

Pics of K/F Comps are in this thread:

Here are pics of the L Comp (M586) and Carry Comp (M686) L/G frame models (both using the large PowerPort style comp):

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