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Old 08-02-2020, 09:38 AM
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Guns and Canes  
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Default Guns and Canes

C&P of a post I made on the now-defunct Kansas forum some time back. I found it on the Oklahoma forum.

I put about sixty 38 special rounds downrange today and I can assure the board that the mean pizza box will never do any harm again. The gun was my S&W 686 in a 40+ year-old Roy Baker Pancake holster under my 'shoot-me-first' vest. For the most part the ammo was WWB stuff from WallyWorld. The sole exception was six GDHP that I needed to get shot. In other words, the stuff I carried for the past three or four months. The weather was excellent.

I took my cane to better simulate life and when I needed to shoot, I let it go. This showed a problem. The cane is a stand-up type, but I habitually carry it in my right hand, and that is the side my gun is on, so I should strongly consider walking with the cane in my left hand. This won't make any difference to my balance; it is simply a matter of getting used to it and making a few adjustments on the cane. Plus, left-hand carry might be better for my arthritis on my left side.

I taped a seal from a plastic coffee can on the pizza box (roughly 8" in diameter., and used that as an aiming point. Drawing, even from concealment, presented no issues, and I was able to get most of my shots in the seal, with the few that did not hit the seal still hitting the box, and were ones that I shot while moving. I didn't go backwards but moved mostly diagonally (to my ten o'clock and two'clock) and side-stepped to minimize the risk of falling. My shooting was decent, with no real problems noted.

I used the revolver's sights for maybe twelve of the sixty rounds, the rest being point shooting. The range is somewhat uneven and neither this nor my balance presented any real problems this time around.

The primary issue that I noticed today was the one with the cane and that is simply a matter of switching sides and getting used to the switch.

Hope this was helpful to some of you.
Let's be careful out there
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Old 08-02-2020, 09:57 AM
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A good reminder to practice as realistically as possible. To me, it's like the difference between practicing martial arts/self defense techniques in a gi versus street wear. Practicing drawing from concealment in the gear and clothes one actually wears is a good start. If one has a cane or some other assistive device, that should be incorporated, too. Dry fire practice can be a useful supplement/substitution if live fire range practice can't be done realistically. Every once in a while, I'll have a bag or a plastic cup in one hand before my drill, and practice dropping it. I've even put my phone on airplane mode and practiced dialing 911 after a drill. *waits for mocking laughter*
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Old 08-02-2020, 11:31 AM
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100% You dont want anything in your gun hand, especially if it cant be readily let go. I assume your shootng was done at contact or very close. I know I never see sights inside 5y, not even for a head shot while moving. Keep up the practice, at least once a month, but you dont need to shoot expensive carry ammo. I only burn my carry ammo up every 18m or so. It always goes bang.
NRA Cert. Inst. IDPA CSO

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Old 08-02-2020, 11:56 AM
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I use a cane on my right side but I’m a lefty so it works out. In you case, if confronted, throw the cane at the assailant as a distraction while drawing from concealment.
Old Cop
LEO (Ret.)
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Old 08-02-2020, 12:07 PM
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Guns and Canes Guns and Canes Guns and Canes Guns and Canes Guns and Canes  
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As a cane user... I suggest you don't want to drop your cane, at least not in front of you. The last thing you need is to become entangled in it, trip on it.
Throw it away, yes. At the assailant, possibly. Hopefully would make him duck and distract him from his evil thoughts.
Reserve Officer 9yrs
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