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Old 12-18-2009, 07:49 PM
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Default Don't Give-up!

"The Democrats continue to push their health care scheme. They continue to craft a bill in secret, behind closed doors, while telling the rest of the Senate and the American people that they will pass a bill before Christmas.

It's not too late!! Don't give up the fight. The Senators listed below are important to the Democrat's chances of success. Call them now! Tell them to vote against the secret health care bill! Tell them not to invoke cloture! And while you are at it, remind them that the American people are paying attention and watching. If Congress doesn't heed the words of the people now, they surely will come November!


Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas 202-224-4843 202-224-4843
Ben Nelson, Nebraska 202-224-6551 202-224-6551
Olympia Snowe, Maine 202-224-5344 202-224-5344

Fighting For You!"

Mike Huckabee
NRA, GOA Lifer
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Old 12-18-2009, 08:15 PM
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Thanks for the phone #s.
I agree with you on this, we'll watch how they vote, then we will vote!
This cuuld help us win big next time
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Old 12-18-2009, 08:18 PM
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I have written letters to several of the senators who I feel might be swayed, including the $300,000,000 bribe recipient from Louisiana, telling them that even though I don't live in their state and can't vote against them, I can contribute to their next opponant if they vote for this ****. Neither of my senators will vote for this. Health care, cap and tax, and the global warming hoax is all about power and money. Our money gives them power. I just hope we can stop them before they mess this country up any more. It seems some people are waking up. Keep them awake until this is stopped.
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Old 12-18-2009, 08:23 PM
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You know this health bill reminds me of a story some well known professer gave a ladys group. He said, ladys, how many of you would have sex with a stranger for one million dollars, just once in your life? A number of hands went up. He repeatedly asked the question but kept lowering the price. Finaly he got down to $500s, and there was only one woman left. She got indignant and said, what do you think I am, a prositute? The professer said Lady, we have already determined what you are! Now we are just haggeling over the price!
This stupid, exspendsive, ungodly, unconsitutional bill has been presented. Instead of just arbitarly even to refuse looking at the bill that never should even be considered no matter what is in the bill, they now have the conservative poloticans argueing over whats IN the bill, rather than just refuseing ANY bill!
Nowhere in the consitution is there anything saying the goverment owes us medical care!
No matter what is in the bill or not in the bill, if passed the framework is in place to completely change or add to the bill forever after. Belive me "The man" knows that and so do the backers of this bill!! I hate to see leberman etc, fall in the trap I have just described! They got us argueing over whats in the bill, rather than firmly dening the princapal of even haveing the bill! They win even if there is next to no cost to the bill, and that is far from the truth of the matter!
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