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Old 05-04-2012, 11:20 PM
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Default Ever been wrongly terminated (fired) from a job?

I just read the post about the photo of the new S&W being leaked and resultiing in a couple of firings. Even tho' this post has absolutely nothing to do with that it got me to recalling an event that happened to me back in 1986.
I was the supervisor over a crew of communication tech's, we were working out of Nashville at the Eaton plant in Bowling Green Ky. At the time I had 6 people working under me, two of which were problems from the start. Much drinking and some drug abuse, which at that point in time was rampant. The problem was (other than the obvious one) that one of these two was the Son of the owner of the company and the other was his Brother-in-Law. Besides the substance abuse problem these two were blatant womanizers, both married to very attractive women, but that didn't stop them from chasing every skirt that flapped in the breeze.
I had talks with them and upper managment and was basically told to just supervise the job and mind my own business. Well, being relatively naive at the time I let it go at that.
We were working nights at this plant pulling cable and it was a large plant, several hundred thousand square feet and it was not possible to be everywhere at once, you have to trust others at times, and I did, even knowing thier problems. Things finally blew up after a couple of months. It seems that these two jokers were sexually harrassing a female security gaurd while she would make rounds, evidently it got so bad that she finally suffered what amounted to a breakdown and went to her supervisors and threatened to quit.
At the time I knew nothing of this, not one word from anyone had gotten back to me, the first I heard of it was when i took a day off from work on a Friday. I called my boss about 9:00pm to ask what develpments had occured and a status for the following week. It was then i learned that things had come to a boil at the plant, all kinds of upper managment was involved and our company was about to lose the contract. I was told that a couple of meetings were held and the end result was that I, as the supervisor, was to be terminated for allowing sexual harrassment to occur on the job.
I was never given the opportunity to defend myself and of course the two punks that caused the trouble in the first place kept thier jobs, they were just moved to a new project.
This taught me one valuable lesson in life: Never, never, under any circumstance take on a responsiblity when kinfolk of the owners are involved in a position underneath you.
This has always stuck in my craw, even after all these years. Imagine trying to explain to your Wife how you got fired from a job on a sexual harrasment related charge. Not the easiest thing to do if you know what i mean.
As I said, this post has nothing to do with anything, but I've always wanted to get it off my chest.
Got a Phd from Hard Knocks U
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Yep, a couple of times actually. Both ended up to be "office politics". I was an Assistant Director of Security at a large shopping mall in the Bay Area in California. One day I was called to the corporate offices and informed that I was going to be promoted and given my own account to run, a very large building in San Francisco, the Transamerica Finance group building and surrounding parking garages.
Now I'm sure a lot of people would have jumped at the chance. It was a very prestigious position with a massive raise, a company car and expense account, but one that I had no desire to do, I was happy where I was, the account was running smoothly and the mall management was very pleased with the company's performance, which they had been about ready to cancel the contract before I came on board.
Well, the VP said in no uncertain terms that if I didn't take the job, I was fired. I pointed out that the company's bylaws said that all transfers were to be at the employees request. They said they didn't care, which ticked me off and I left and went back to the mall office. My boss called me in and informed me that I was being fired for refusing to follow an order. I told him no biggie, I'd be at another job within two days, and I was. My boss was so pissed at the big boys that he talked the mall manager into going to in-house security and canceling the contract.

Was the lead man for the fabrication shop, 2nd shift, of a company that manufactured the big mowers you see the highway department and military using. I guess the Human Resources guy got mad at me because I complained to the manager about the quality of the people he was hiring for 2nd shift, especially after he hired a guy who couldn't speak a word of English, AND hired the guys son as well, so he could interpret for his that meant every time I wanted the older gentleman to do a different job, I had to stop the son from doing whatever HE was doing to tell his dad what I wanted done, so basically the three of us were standing around doing nothing for that time.
Well, that manage went to work at the main branch in Texas, and a new manager was put in place where I worked. The HR guy immediately started smoozing him up, and about a week later I was called in to the office when I came in for my shift and informed I was being terminated. When I asked what for, the HR guy said that I had called one of the new workers a "lazy bas@%$d", which I hadn't...I laughed and shook my head, and told the HR guy that he better be ready to pack his things, he kinda got a smug look on his face, so I just had to ask him." Did you NOT notice that the owner of this company and I have the same last name???" And though I knew that we weren't related as far as I know, it was worth it to watch his face turn about 14 shades of white as what I'd said sunk in..

I did contact the main office, I wrote about a 10 page letter detailing all of the problems at the plant, I addressed all the HR guys stupidities and activities, some of which could have gotten the company in some really hot water.

I was surprised to get a phone call from one of the company's Vice Presidents about a week later, also one of their legal reps on the line as well. He wanted to discuss the letter in detail, I think I spent about an hour and a half on the horn with him. I could tell that they were feeling me out about whether or not I intended on a wrongful termination suit, which I laughed and said nah, I had landed a Federal job with twice the pay, better benefits and climate controlled shop, my days of sweatbox labors were over...I did add that it would make me feel a whole lot better if the HR guy was given the boot though, as he was just setting the company up for failure if he continued on, and informed them that the new manager was nothing but a tool.

Week later my buddy who had worked on the 2nd shift with me stopped by the house to tell me that the HR guy had been walked out of the plant by the company president, and the manager had been replaced by one of the guys who had been there for years, whose name I had dropped in our conversation...just wish I could have been there for that one!
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Old 05-04-2012, 11:56 PM
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Seems pretty simple to me. Somebody had to get fired. And it sure as hell wasn't kinfolk. Can't fire the other workers or they'd have no one to do the actual work. So you took the hit.

Companies aren't always fair or honest with their employees. Maybe its too much to expect.

I assume you landed on your feet, got another job, and so far have lived happily ever after. The traditional thing to do is to sue the um. well you know what we call someone who's parents weren't married. Most companies these days won't utter a word about such a situation because they're on the line for a huge settlement if they let it be known the circumstances and then the real situation gets uncovered.

I certainly sat on the sidelines and watched some very unethical behavior in other departments. Some of the fiction lived on for years, fully believed by the owner. In one instance I grew a set and pointed out to him that he's the only one who believes the story he was told, and that I surely didn't. He had to think it over for a few days, then came back to me and asked me what I had felt had happened. Then he went to several other upper management folks and got the identical story. Its kind of fun when those kept in the dark suddenly are confronted with the light of day.
Dick Burg
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Old 05-05-2012, 12:03 AM
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I was fired and quit at least 5 times one day.
My boss was MAD and I was even MADDER
I wound up staying for another 10 years...
In dog years I'm dead.
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Two years ago I started a new job after moving to FL. The second week on the job I got a severe case of vertigo. They rushed me to the hospital where they thought I had a stroke! After three days of running every test imaginable and finding nothing wrong I was released (still suffering from vertigo). My employer asked me for a doctors release which I provided for them on Friday and told them I'd be in bright and early on Monday. Come Monday I was told "my position was being absorbed by the existing staff".
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when i was 19, i got a job working in a chemical fertilizer plant making like 3x my job i had just left. every one of you would know this grass. fertilizer co. anyway, it was a union shop and you could join after 3 months or some such. 2nd shift an i was going to college in the mornings. so anyway, like my 2nd day on the job im driving a forklift and i bumped into a huge pile of paper sacks full of some chemical pellets. tore one and it all poured down on me. i accidentally ingested some. well by the end of the shift im puking my guts out. they send me home. i am sick for about a month and lose 50 pounds. i told the docs what happened but they were convinced it was something else ( kaiser go figure) anyway, the company fired me and didnt care about the accident and since i was new and not in the union yet they were no help. i probly could have sued them but... got healthy over the summer and got a bank job that next fall. been in banking since.

even though they are the best fertilizer, i will never buy that brand until my last day. my own little protest

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I got fired from a feed mill in Portland OR, but I don't think it was without cause.

I just got out of the army in July '69. Went to work in a feed mill. Come Oct and hunting season I told them I was gonna take a week to 10 days to go hunting.

They told me others with more seniority had already put in for vacation at that time.

I told them I didn't want vacation time (I hadn't had enough time built up anyway). I would take leave without pay.

They said nope, they are too short handed. Hey I say's, I just got out of the army, hadn't had a chance to go hunting in 3 years, I'm going.

They told me if I took off, they'd have to let me go.

I went, came back to work afterwords and didnt have a time card in the slot, imagine that.

Anyway, I got in the car and headed for Wyoming, never looked back.
Kraig Stuart
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I got fired in 1985 over a drug user that was related to the company when I went to unimployment they found in my favor because the company said that the other guy had mental problems could,nt sue the company went bankrup oh is,nt that to bad
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Originally Posted by seagill View Post
Two years ago I started a new job after moving to FL. The second week on the job I got a severe case of vertigo. They rushed me to the hospital where they thought I had a stroke! After three days of running every test imaginable and finding nothing wrong I was released (still suffering from vertigo). My employer asked me for a doctors release which I provided for them on Friday and told them I'd be in bright and early on Monday. Come Monday I was told "my position was being absorbed by the existing staff".
Off topic but to your post. Had a very similar incident happen to me, when I was about 50. (65 now) Was a problem with inner ear, where balance is controlled. I went back to work undiagnosed after 3 weeks off. Still had issues for a couple months. My GP finally came up with answer. Recurrences of the problem are common.
Little Red Rooster
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When in a Supervisory or Management position, you need to DOCUMENT-DOCUMENT-DOCUMENT everything and events.
NRA Pistol/Rifle Inst. RSO
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Default Smithhound...

Based on what you wrote here, I can well understand and empathize with your situation.
I have been through similar situations over the years and while I have no idea of the laws in your state or your contract there or how they would even apply, the fact is a scapegoat was needed and in this case, you were it. Been there and done that.
You were in a no-winner. The second you reported problems, you literally hung a target on your back and it was only a matter of time before you got shown the door by whatever means. There are more than one occassion where I walked away from a situation that not only I knew I wasn't going to win, but to stay would've gotten me or my family hurt or killed.
As for me, I'm perfectly content to be "just one of the guys" and not anyone's supervisor or manager. Again, been there and done that. In the businesses I dealt with in that capacity, I learned a lot about just how dirty some people and businesses are, and how dangerous some can be.
I have not worked at a place yet that the "powers-that-be" using a generic term, did not know EXACTLY what was going on.
The Last Standing Knight
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Unhappy Life ain't always fair.

Well not fired, but demoted. I refused to help my manager with a little "supplemental income project" he had going. Just didn't seem right to me. Well that and the fact that it amounted to felony theft. My income was immediately reduced by over $50K.

With a little luck I'll be back to the same level of income in a year or two. This happened 12 years ago.

My manager...yep they finally caught him. He was terminated. Turns out he was stealing / skimming / extorting from vendors / you name it. Everyone else involved survived / incomes intact.

All this either makes me a good guy or the dumbest *** that ever lived?
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I've been fired but it wasn't wrongful - I didn't like the manager and he didn't like me.

I've also quit a job when I knew the next sentence out of the boss's mouth was going to be "You're fired." He insisted I do something that I wasn't willing to do.

No regrets!
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Been there,done that.The owners boyfriend was a royal screwup and was stealing her blind.She finally got it when she became pregnant and he ran.This was a 45 year old...
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Default routinely wrongfully discharged

Years ago, I was wrongfully discharged after 13 years of loyal service. Called in at quitting time on Friday, asked to hand in keys, escorted to desk to gather things, perp-walked out the door. My email address was dead before I got home and I had been the network administrator. I had set up every aspect of their network from a very expensive T-1 to web servers, email servers, file servers, etc. Note to self; always have primary email address outside of employer...

Decided to look at it as an opportunity. Next job involved a meteoric rise from absolute grunt work at the bottom of the totem pole to being a "party manager" running crews of guys, making a ton of $$$ - when suddenly a "college buddy" of mine shows up on the scene with some suspicious white powders. I mentioned this to my supervisors, all of whom knew one another from previous employment. It was part of my job to drug test anyone involved in an incident or suspected of breaking the zero-tolerance policy, yet this was sliding by in front of me.

This same "college buddy" ended up firmly planting his butt back at the home office, managed to get his brown-nose into a VP position (in spite of prior felony convictions!) and begin remotely yanking my chain until I told him I was coming to the home office to have a meeting. That scared them, I was fired. My letters to the president of the company fell on deaf ears.

I do not drink, much less monkey around with any sort of illegal BS and although I took a MAJOR whack in the wallet, I was/am in the right. It was a jagged pill to swallow. Not being in their "inner circle" and not willing to overlook cost me big. I can, however, sleep at night.
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Suspended but not fired.

I was about 17/18 working as a cashier. My boss was stealing money from my till when she would count down the till every night. Now my money would always come up short when I"m working with her and not when I"m working with someone else. After telling the bigger boss that it isn't me and that it was her, I was suspended for 3 days. A week after I was suspended, about $200 was missing from the safe and she blamed it on another boss (the same way she would blame be for my money being short). After that, the bigger boss fired her for stealing the money from the safe and from my till. He never even said that he was sorry for saying that I was stealing the money so I just quit shortly afterwards.
Don't look, reload and shoot!
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Not fired but I have been denied a promotion primarily due to age. Delta's Reservations had what was called a Leadership Development Program. This is quite different from the Airport where Supervisors are promoted on the basis of seniority and knowledge. In Reservations it's based on the LDP classes and so called performance or in other words, office politics. Because I had come from the airport to Reservations due to injury, I was considered by many in management to be an outsider or "old school." But because of my seniority and over 30 years experience, when I applied for the LDP program, they couldn't turn me down. After about 6 weeks of classes, I was assigned first to one supervisor and then about 3 months later to another supervisor, both very junior with little actual time with Delta. I realized about that time that I actually was being used to "impart knowledge" to them rather than them train me. Finally I got a chance for my own team of representatives but it was in the area I had worked so some of the Managers had a fit. Said it was too easy for me since I had worked that area. Two of them didn't want me promoted anyway and a third would go along with whatever those two wanted. But since I now had a team, I would have to be promoted to Supervisor Reserve. So I got called into my Managers office, told that I would be moving to work with another supervisor because the area I was in was "too easy." A week later, another LDP was moved into the spot I was pulled from and promoted to Supervisor Reserve. The problem was, the young woman who was given the job also worked in the same area I had and I was the one who trained her. Shortly after that, the remainder of my class was told we would go back to the phones at our previous jobs. Of course the other two besides me who were not promoted were given a "special project" and promoted about 2 weeks later. Not a single person over 30 was promoted out of the training class, every effort was made during training to make the older ones of us drop out. Two did, but I stuck it out until the end. It's funny that the first people promoted were the youngest minority females with one young guy(a total screwup) promoted to a job that was hard to screwup. Like I said, I've always felt two of the managers were determined I wouldn't get promoted plus with my seniority, it would have bumped 95% of management down the bid list for vacation. So the supervisors were not on my side either. So basically, I was passed over for promotion by much younger, mostly female trainees. I came close to taking it over to our EEOC office but didn't because, after finding out what a backstabbing bunch our management was, I really didn't want to work with them anyway!

I did get a little satisfaction though. A manager from another department in the same building, who was also a friend of mine, asked me one day if I would ever consider reapplying to the training program. I laughed and told him I wasn't that stupid. I named the managers and told him I would rather take a poke in the eye with a sharp stick than work with those old harpies again. I know that remark got back to them because before, where they had been so sweet it was almost syrupy when they saw me in the hall, it became a don't speak and don't even make eye contact. Loved it!

Oh about a year and a half later 9/11 occurred and many senior people were offered retirement incentives which I took. There was a three month window in which you could retire. I was working midnight shift at the time and my supervisor begged me to stay until the last day to help train my replacements. Because I actually had 32 different job functions (seriously) I had to train five people to take my place.

μολὼν λαβέ
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A friend who works as a field investigator for the Wage and Hour Board in NJ's Department of Labor told me NJ is an "at will state" so barring a formal contract or other agreement an employer really doesn't have to give a reason-unless you are one of the Privileged Groups. With all the scandals that have shaken Wall Street and the financial field in recent years, a preemptive firing of a potential whistelblower can be used to discredit them as a disgruntled employee dismissed for "incompetence".
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I had talks with them and upper managment and was basically told to just supervise the job and mind my own business. Well, being relatively naive at the time I let it go at that"

Today's answer to that is an email sent to Corporate and your home e-address confirming that they want you to ignore sexual harassment and substance abuse by employees. When they write back that that is the case, confirm that you have the right to fire those who do so.
Front sight and squeeze
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It's usually about office or personal politics, or even relatives as in the OP's case.
I took a travelling job for about two years,just for a break from law enforcement.It was a family owned business and I made alot of money. A LOT of money.
The owner's son treated the customers like red headed step children and talked to them like dogs on the phone. No wonder business fell off. Then the punk wanted to blame me!
I wasn't exactly fired,but he asked me if I would like a vacation. A permanent one.I told him I sure as **** would.
I had some money saved and went to work the next week at a Sheriff's Dept. in a neighboring county. Yeah,I took a week vacation,first. In less than a year the business folded and sonny was looking for a job.

The customer base was all over Georgia,Alabama,Tennesee,and parts of Kentucky.
What an idiot he was.
Blessed be the Lord,my Rock

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I do believe I was wrongly hired once.
Vaya con Dios
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Every time I've been fired, I deserved it!
James L. "Jim" Rhiner
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Never been fired. But I quit a job and beat them to the punch.

After I got out of the military I couldn't find a decent job. So I took a job at a BIG retail chain store as a night stocker. Right from the start the manager and I bumped heads.

Since I was assigned to the automotive department which was separate from the rest of the store, I was the only one to stock the shelves and the storeroom.

At first it was easy. But one night I got eight pallets of merchandise. Some of it rather heavy. Boxes of six one gallon jugs of antifreeze and auto batteries.

I was only 32 at the time and till in very good condition. But night after night of this took it's toll. So I asked for help. I was immediately branded a complainer and I got no help.

Then I caught my boss drinking on the job. Went to the store manager and he told me I was nuts. He knew the guy for years and wouldn't do such a thing.

After six months many employees were due to get a raise. When my boss called me into his office he explained that I wasn't doing as well as he expected so I was only to receive a nickel per hour raise. I was extremely angry but didn't say much.

I started to look for another job and was offered a job as a locksmith apprentice in another state which I accepted. Starting pay was twice as much and they paid for the move.

I never gave two weeks notice to my boss. I simply waited until one night 10 pallets came in. Then I informed my boss that I quit. Should have seen the look on his face when he realized that he would have to put away all that stuff! He acted like my best buddy to get me to stay. I laughed at him and walked out.

A year later I went back to that town to visit. I learned that my old boss and the store manager got fired for stealing.
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Fired from first good paying job for having a Goldwater bumper sticker on my car. The owner/CEO of the company was a close friend of LBJ.
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Originally Posted by David LaPell View Post
I do believe I was wrongly hired once.
Happened to me once... and resulted in getting "laid off" later.
Isaiah 55:8-9
Phil. 4:13
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After completing my years in Law Enforcement on the streets,I worked for 10 more years at a busy local 911 center.
Hardest mental job I ever had. I had women screaming at me all through the 10 hr. shifts. I felt right at home.
Blessed be the Lord,my Rock
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