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S&W Hand Ejectors: 1896 to 1961 All 5-Screw & Vintage 4-Screw SWING-OUT Cylinder REVOLVERS, and the 35 Autos and 32 Autos

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This sticky will list threads that are exceptionally educational and informative- timeless threads that will be used for years to come.
Please nominate threads by posting a link in this thread.
As time permits, we'll review them and add good threads to this list.


SEARCH Instructions

S&W Collectors Association Application

Letter Request Form

The Gun FAQs

Corrections to "The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson"

NEW Category Explanation >> 1-26-09

Forum History- Any members from 2000 left?

Forum Beginnings Question?

An idea whose time has come - the billybayo - S&W videos from the NRA Museum

N-frame but what is it? What's it worth?

SWCA wins BIG at NRA Show + More pics

Early Hand Ejector Target Sight Tutorial

Ed McGivern serial numbers treasure hunt

Raw Steel to Smith & Wesson (Pic HEAVY)

Belly Guns

S&W Bluing Methods

lead in barrel

moonclip storage update Version 2.0

Vintage/Retro Target Mods

An Engineer's take on S&W.

U Shaped Main Spring

Evaluators Ltd.:
S&W from Evaluators, VA

Evaluators, Ltd., Triangle, VA daughter

Anyone know Evaluators Limited Quantico ?

Smith & Wesson N Frame Stocks / Grips - A Reference Guide

Types of Smith & Wesson Revolver Grips

The RAREST Target Stocks

Show your Roper grips

UPDATE- Now CHECKERED>>>Tooth of the Pachyderm, a la Roper

Kearsage vs. Roper

The Many Faces of "Rosewood"

An article in this month's GUNS about our member... << Keith Brown Article

Keith Brown article in the May/June 2014 Issue of American Handgunner Magazine

A little something for Roper fans....article now added thanks to Mr. Wilson

NEW FIND: 1935 FBI "Raid Badges"

1934 & The Myth Of FBI Firearms

FBI Gun Collection of Jerry Campbell

A letter to S&amp;W from a City Marshal in the 20s &amp; Images of him &amp; the gun he ordered.

Police Appreciation Thread

Vintage steel & leather (pics) (moved to Gunleather & Carry Gear forum)

King Guns:
Show us your King Sighted Guns

A King-Marked McGivern Outdoorsman with Shortened Hammer Throw

Engraved mod-17 Harvey .224 KAY-CHUK

Nimschke? photos for delta419

Engraved 1905-1st Change

The Engraved Smith and Wessons of the Young family

The Mother of All 38 Targets! (Pic Heavy!!)

Engraved Double Action Smith's


32 Auto:
S&amp;W .32 Auto

35 Auto:
United again! .35 S&W gun & ammo!

N frame

38/44 Heavy Duty-



UPDATE! -- Oddball 38/44

Ed McGivern S&W's (38-44 specifically...)


38/44 Outdoorsman-
A King-Marked McGivern Outdoorsman with Shortened Hammer Throw

Pre-War 357 Magnum:
What Is A Registered Magnum

Pre-War 357 Magnum Appreciation Thread

Penultimate Pre Postwar Magnum is in Mexico!

The last ".357"

Friday pawn shop save **Pictures IN 1st Post***

Registered Magnum ammo?

FBI Agent with Reg Mag - Update

New info on the KCPD Magnums

U. S. Army Captain C. Henry Goulette's First Year Registered Magnum

George Wesley Pratt's 5.5 Inch Registered Magnum

I have a 357 reg magnum with certificate

KCPD Pre-War .357 Magnums Purchased During 1939/1940 (Finish Condition - A Survey)

Hump Back Hammers on Kansas City PD .357 Magnums

Leo H. Rice’s 1st Year 4.5” Consecutive Reg# RM Matched Pair

Post-War 357 Magnum:
Did anyone else see the Transitional 357 Magnum on GB this weekend?

The ultimate Highway Patrolman thread.including N frame ser# ranges

Combat Magnums?

Rare 357 Magnum Transition Model

.357 transitional postwar value

New To Forum, I have a gun.... 357 Magnum Transitional Postwar

Mr. E. F. Warner’s 8.5 Inch Post War .357 Magnum Transitional Revolver

Four Inch Barreled Pre-27's - Photo and Info Thread

44 Special:
44 Associates' .44 Special Data?

44-1st Model (Triple Lock)-
One of the First Triple Locks Made in 1906

Triple Digit Triple Lock (Bandwidth Warning!)

Older Triplelock (Sock drawer gun?) More pictures

44-2nd Model-
N-frame but what is it? What's it worth?

Finding and treasuring an old treasure - .44 HE in 44-40 !

44-3rd Model (Model 1926)-
Let's see those 1926 .44 Specials!

Model 1950 - 44
S&W Model 1950 .44 3 1/2"

44 Magnum:
The earliest 4" 44 magnum

Early 5" Pre-29 with a story.***UPDATE***

Elmer Keith's Prototype .44 Magnum Ammunition and More!!

"Prototype" 44 Magnum

Curious about nickel 5 & 4 screw pre-29's and 29's

455 Hand Ejector:

.455 Mk II revolver research thread

455-1st Model (Triple Lock)-
Long barrel 1914 S&W .455 revolver

Triple Lock sn# 2747 chambered in .22 Long Rifle

The Young LT's Triple Lock .455

455-2nd Model-
.455 Picture Thread

Model 1917:

U.S. 1917-
Let's see your U.S. Model 1917 S&Ws!

Commercial 1917-
Rare 1917 factory Target

Brazilian 1917-

1955 Target:
Why Oversized Throats??

Happy Birthday Early Model of 1955

A "Trophy" 1955 Model Target 45 ***Pictures of 1958 Trophy gun Added***

K frame
Engraved mod-17 Harvey .224 KAY-CHUK

A Couple of Pre-War 22-40 Masterpieces

K-22 Outdoorsman Appreciation and Photo Thread

6" 5-screw M&Ps in .22 LR



Informal Pictorial Essay - K-38 Masterpiece (and Model 14) variations

Early K-38 Masterpieces with the Large Ejector Rod Knob (LERK)

38 M&P:
Aircrewman Revolvers

Engraved 1905-1st Change

The Story of the Mexican Model

Show off your M & P revolvers (pre-10's)

Inside a 1902

A Quest Fulfilled... (2" Pre-War M&P's)

2 inch, Pre-war M&P observation

Rairity and Value - PreWar 2" M&P

Got hold of a S&W marked U.S.N. !!?

The Mother of All 38 Targets! (Pic Heavy!!)

Half Target M&P, Update: Another Police Gun!

The Story of the Mexican Model

The .38 M&P Target Model of 1946 (Mexican) -- now with pics

Victory Model-
Victory data base

Let's see your Victory Models!

Illinois State Police Gun

The Postwar Commercial Victory Model

2" Victory-factory ship letter update


Canadian Govt agreement with S&W

38/200 - British Service Revolver-
38/200 pix

Trio of Brit service revolvers (AKA South Africa Contract pistols)

RAF 38/200 BSR

Combat Magnum / Mod 19
Early Nickel Combat Magnum

32/20 Hand Ejector:
The .32-20 Hand Ejector Thread

.32-20 Hand Ejector Model 1902 First Change

Small frame

Flat latches

I Frames:
Transition 32 & 38 Regulation Police

Some I-frame ?'s

One of the last .32 Regulation Police Target Revolvers

About the last pre-war Reg. Police .38

A Nice .38 Regulation Police - Pics

Early 38 Regulation Police

Wretched Excess (Prewar .22/32 Kit Gun Division)

A Crash Course in Prewar Kit Guns

1896 First Model HE / Different Variations

J Frames:
J-Frame Aircrewman PICS ARE UP

The Really Old Chief's Special Thread

A brief history of the Centennial revolvers

Chief Special Square Butt

Chief Special Target Research & Survivors List Redux
Lee Jarrett

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