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S&W Hand Ejectors: 1896 to 1961 All 5-Screw & Vintage 4-Screw SWING-OUT Cylinder REVOLVERS, and the 35 Autos and 32 Autos

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This sticky will list threads that are exceptionally educational and informative- timeless threads that will be used for years to come.
Please nominate threads by posting a link in this thread.
As time permits, we'll review them and add good threads to this list.


SEARCH Instructions

S&W Collectors Association Application

Historical Letter Request Form

The Gun FAQs

Corrections to "The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson"

NEW Category Explanation >> 1-26-09

Forum History- Any members from 2000 left?

Forum Beginnings Question?

An idea whose time has come - the billybayo - S&W videos from the NRA Museum

N-frame but what is it? What's it worth?

SWCA wins BIG at NRA Show + More pics

Early Hand Ejector Target Sight Tutorial

Ed McGivern serial numbers treasure hunt

Raw Steel to Smith & Wesson (Pic HEAVY)

Belly Guns

S&W Bluing Methods

lead in barrel

moonclip storage update Version 2.0

Vintage/Retro Target Mods

An Engineer's take on S&W.

U Shaped Main Spring

Evaluators Ltd.:
S&W from Evaluators, VA

Evaluators, Ltd., Triangle, VA daughter

Anyone know Evaluators Limited Quantico ?

Smith & Wesson N Frame Stocks / Grips - A Reference Guide

Types of Smith & Wesson Revolver Grips

The RAREST Target Stocks

Show your Roper grips

UPDATE- Now CHECKERED>>>Tooth of the Pachyderm, a la Roper

Kearsage vs. Roper

The Many Faces of "Rosewood"

An article in this month's GUNS about our member... << Keith Brown Article

Keith Brown article in the May/June 2014 Issue of American Handgunner Magazine

A little something for Roper fans....article now added thanks to Mr. Wilson

NEW FIND: 1935 FBI "Raid Badges"

1934 & The Myth Of FBI Firearms

FBI Gun Collection of Jerry Campbell

A letter to S&amp;W from a City Marshal in the 20s &amp; Images of him &amp; the gun he ordered.

Police Appreciation Thread

Vintage steel & leather (pics) (moved to Gunleather & Carry Gear forum)

King Guns:
Show us your King Sighted Guns

A King-Marked McGivern Outdoorsman with Shortened Hammer Throw

Engraved mod-17 Harvey .224 KAY-CHUK

Nimschke? photos for delta419

Engraved 1905-1st Change

The Engraved Smith and Wessons of the Young family

The Mother of All 38 Targets! (Pic Heavy!!)

Engraved Double Action Smith's


32 Auto:
S&amp;W .32 Auto

35 Auto:
United again! .35 S&W gun & ammo!

N frame

38/44 Heavy Duty-



UPDATE! -- Oddball 38/44

Ed McGivern S&W's (38-44 specifically...)


38/44 Outdoorsman-
A King-Marked McGivern Outdoorsman with Shortened Hammer Throw

Pre-War 357 Magnum:
What Is A Registered Magnum

Pre-War 357 Magnum Appreciation Thread

Penultimate Pre Postwar Magnum is in Mexico!

The last ".357"

Friday pawn shop save **Pictures IN 1st Post***

Registered Magnum ammo?

FBI Agent with Reg Mag - Update

New info on the KCPD Magnums

U. S. Army Captain C. Henry Goulette's First Year Registered Magnum

George Wesley Pratt's 5.5 Inch Registered Magnum

I have a 357 reg magnum with certificate

KCPD Pre-War .357 Magnums Purchased During 1939/1940 (Finish Condition - A Survey)

Hump Back Hammers on Kansas City PD .357 Magnums

Leo H. Rice’s 1st Year 4.5” Consecutive Reg# RM Matched Pair

.357 Magnum REG 657 Update

Greene County, MO Deputy Sheriff Registered Magnum (Update: The RM has gone home)

Post-War 357 Magnum:

The ultimate Highway Patrolman thread.including N frame ser# ranges

Another Highway Patrolman to the pile, a 28-1

Combat Magnums?

Rare 357 Magnum Transition Model

.357 transitional postwar value

New To Forum, I have a gun.... 357 Magnum Transitional Postwar

Did anyone else see the Transitional 357 Magnum on GB this weekend?

Mr. E. F. Warner’s 8.5 Inch Post War .357 Magnum Transitional Revolver

Four Inch Barreled Pre-27's - Photo and Info Thread

44 Special:
44 Associates' .44 Special Data?

44-1st Model (Triple Lock)-
One of the First Triple Locks Made in 1906

Triple Digit Triple Lock (Bandwidth Warning!)

Older Triplelock (Sock drawer gun?) More pictures

A Triple Lock on the beat in Los Angeles

Triple Lock Revolver size of forging lot?

44-2nd Model-
N-frame but what is it? What's it worth?

Finding and treasuring an old treasure - .44 HE in 44-40 !

44-3rd Model (Model 1926)-
Let's see those 1926 .44 Specials!

Model 1950 - 44
S&W Model 1950 .44 3 1/2"

44 Magnum:
The earliest 4" 44 magnum

Early 5" Pre-29 with a story.***UPDATE***

Elmer Keith's Prototype .44 Magnum Ammunition and More!!

"Prototype" 44 Magnum

Curious about nickel 5 & 4 screw pre-29's and 29's

45 Caliber:

The Army Tests the Triple Lock in 1907

455 Hand Ejector:

.455 Mk II revolver research thread

455-1st Model (Triple Lock)-
Long barrel 1914 S&W .455 revolver

Triple Lock sn# 2747 chambered in .22 Long Rifle

The Young LT's Triple Lock .455

455-2nd Model-
.455 Picture Thread

Model 1917:

U.S. 1917-
Let's see your U.S. Model 1917 S&Ws!

Commercial 1917-
Rare 1917 factory Target

Brazilian 1917-

1955 Target:
Why Oversized Throats??

Happy Birthday Early Model of 1955

A "Trophy" 1955 Model Target 45 ***Pictures of 1958 Trophy gun Added***

K frame

Engraved mod-17 Harvey .224 KAY-CHUK

A Couple of Pre-War 22-40 Masterpieces

K-22 Outdoorsman Appreciation and Photo Thread

6" 5-screw M&Ps in .22 LR



Informal Pictorial Essay - K-38 Masterpiece (and Model 14) variations

Early K-38 Masterpieces with the Large Ejector Rod Knob (LERK)

38 M&P:
Aircrewman Revolvers

Engraved 1905-1st Change

The Story of the Mexican Model

Show off your M & P revolvers (pre-10's)

Inside a 1902

A Quest Fulfilled... (2" Pre-War M&P's)

2 inch, Pre-war M&P observation

Rairity and Value - PreWar 2" M&P

Got hold of a S&W marked U.S.N. !!?

The Mother of All 38 Targets! (Pic Heavy!!)

Half Target M&P, Update: Another Police Gun!

The Story of the Mexican Model

The .38 M&P Target Model of 1946 (Mexican) -- now with pics

.38 Military & Police (Postwar) – “Pre-Model 10” {Post-War Frame Data}

Victory Model-
Victory data base

Let's see your Victory Models!

Illinois State Police Gun

The Postwar Commercial Victory Model

2" Victory-factory ship letter update


Canadian Govt agreement with S&W

38/200 - British Service Revolver-
38/200 pix

Trio of Brit service revolvers (AKA South Africa Contract pistols)

RAF 38/200 BSR

Combat Magnum / Mod 19:
Early Nickel Combat Magnum

Combat Masterpiece:
Some Combat Masterpiece eye candy

32/20 Hand Ejector:
The .32-20 Hand Ejector Thread

.32-20 Hand Ejector Model 1902 First Change

Small frame

Flat latches

I Frames:
Opinions on this engraved- UPDATE--Factory Letter Received

Transition 32 & 38 Regulation Police

Some I-frame ?'s

One of the last .32 Regulation Police Target Revolvers

About the last pre-war Reg. Police .38

A Nice .38 Regulation Police - Pics

Early 38 Regulation Police

Wretched Excess (Prewar .22/32 Kit Gun Division)

A Crash Course in Prewar Kit Guns

1896 First Model HE / Different Variations

J Frames:
J-Frame Aircrewman PICS ARE UP

The Really Old Chief's Special Thread

A brief history of the Centennial revolvers

Chief Special Square Butt

Chief Special Target Research & Survivors List Redux
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