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S&W Revolvers: 1980 to the Present All NON-PINNED Barrels, the L-Frames, and the New Era Revolvers

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Old 01-14-2014, 09:59 PM
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Bashing, Crying, & Whining Bashing, Crying, & Whining Bashing, Crying, & Whining Bashing, Crying, & Whining Bashing, Crying, & Whining  
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Default Bashing, Crying, & Whining

This 1980 to the Present forum is a place for enthusiasts of S&W revolvers of this era to enjoy discussion of those products.

If you are not fond of these revolvers and prefer the older products, we have three other forums that cover those revolvers. You are invited to discuss them there as much as you want.
If you are one of the people who constantly enters threads ONLY to spew your hatred for the internal lock, MIM parts, or whatever you dislike about modern S&W revolvers, STOP doing it.

I'm not trying to tell you what to like.
I am telling you to leave the people who do like and use these products alone to enjoy them, and move along to a discussion about something you like. Just as we don't allow anti-gunners to come here and bash you and your guns, you don't need to be here bashing the modern products and making the owners of them feel inferior or stupid for using them.

I am not saying that you cannot post about a problem that you have personally had. Tell us about it. Give us the facts. But DON'T come here merely to tell us what you hate and will never buy.

We will be very firm about this.
ONE Reminder will be issued, and points will be given after that.
Accumulated points lead to suspensions.

Those of you who just can't let it go may find your access to the 1980 to the Present forum removed.
Those of you who choose to keep spouting it here or carry it to the other forums on this board may wind up banned.

Bottom Line-
Again, I'm not telling you what to like or yearn for.
Just leave the people who are enjoying these products alone.
If you're going to bust if you can't spout off, tell it to the factory- Contact Smith & Wesson

If you're tempted to start ranting about freedom of speech, save it.
We already covered that here- A Note on Freedom of Speech
Lee Jarrett
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