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Old 03-22-2015, 11:29 PM
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Default 686+ Performance Center Issues?

Hi Guys...
You know I don't post much here but I do have a question regarding the reliability factor of a S&W Model 686+ Performance Center (SKU 170346) I purchased (and posted a photo of) last November 15.
I have read of issues regarding very light primer strikes, lockups, and other associated horror tales regarding this beautiful revolver S&W introducted last year.
I have yet to have it out to the range due to some rotator cuff surgery, but has anyone had problems of this nature with their new revolvers. I know I don't have that problem with my 686+ Talo 3" barrel I purchased several years ago.
I also just picked up the 640 Stainless Engraved Model (SKU 150784) because I was looking for a little more weight than my standard Model 642. 'a little "flashy" with that engraving, but it does look kind of cool.
So, can anybody tell me anything about these "issues" with the 686+ Performance Center and what kind of ammo you find works best with both models.
When I get my camera out, I will be sure to post a photo or two of the little J-frame.
Thanks in advance guys.
Pherfinion (Pete)
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Old 03-22-2015, 11:58 PM
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686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues?  
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There is no epidemic problem with any of Smith and Wesson's revolvers

For any model of Smith and Wesson you can name, there are going to be a few people on the internet telling you how terrible their example of it is and how the company is going to Hell and they are going to be telling you on any Forum that will listen to them

No manufacturer of mechanical items can produce 100% perfect products 100% of the time. It makes no difference how much you pay, people make these things and people will make mistakes.

Who cares how bad several other examples are, all that matters is how yours is. If it is not 100% that is why the company provides a warranty.
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Old 03-23-2015, 03:28 AM
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Default 686 PC

I have a thousand rounds thru mine and the only issue I have is t h a tv that he more I shoot it the more I love it .
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Old 03-23-2015, 10:25 AM
HarrishMasher HarrishMasher is offline
686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues? 686+ Performance Center Issues?  
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I have a 686PC 2.5" with over 1000 rounds through it. I have it's bigger brother the 627PC 2.6" with hundreds of rounds through it. I also have a 386 Night Guard and a 586 L Comp, with over a thousand rounds through each. Oh and even 386PD with just a few hundred rounds through it. Basically all the same guns with the same action and parts.

I have had zero problems with any of them. The 686PC 2.5" shoots everything I have put in it. Range Reloads, Wadcutters from the 80s, Magtech, Fioochi, Georgia Arms reloads, Freedom Arms reloads. It eats everything. Moon clips, no moon clips. It just works and is dam accurate too!

Just shoot your gun and don't worry what Bubba wrote on the internet, or what your cousin's, brother's best friend who spoke to a guy working at Home Depot said about the 686PC.

I read this forum everyday and have read hundreds of posts about the 686PC and I have never heard mention of any of these problems. So these are not widespread or well-known issues with this gun. Just forget it.

And it is the exact same gun as your 686 Talo 3". Just a little better because it gets some love from the PC shop. Same exact parts. Zero difference. It will work exactly the same as your other 686 and the millions of other 686 that S&W has made over the last bunch of decades. All the same gun and parts.

Yes an occassional 686 has a problem. Big deal. Send it back and it will get fixed. No epidemic problem with S&W 686PCs.

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Old 03-24-2015, 05:21 AM
Pherfinion Pherfinion is offline
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I want to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to respond to my questions regarding the 686+PC. The well thought out responses in addition to how quickly they were offered is much appreciated. It says a lot about forum members and their willingness to help.

I love my S&W revolvers and after being in the machine tool trade for 40 years am familiar with the type of machinery and the high level of tolerances and repeatability the particular CNC machine is capable of. Add to that the high level of the experience and talent of the individual during assembly and I know how rare it must be for the occasional "Friday 4pm" bad apple to slip through the cracks. That is why I needed your input regarding these new Smith & Wesson models as to the question if any of you had heard something about them which I was unawares.

I probably take a different look at these firearms just because of my machine tool background as I see a collection of highly designed and manufactured parts, assembled into a whole functioning product of the highest caliber (no pun intended). To me, it is a functioning piece of art and craftsmanship. To others, it is just a "tool" and I can understand that also, but my view is a little different.

Again... thanks a lot fellas. Oh, and as promised, here is the photo of the newest member to my S&W family:

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