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Old 07-03-2017, 05:37 PM
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Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS?  
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Default Scope or RDS?

Got the barrel float completed now the optic question. Had initially decided on RDS but after several conversations with folks at my range and going thru Way of the Gun videos I'm leaning toward a 1x4 scope. Plan on using it for targets out to 100 yards and Practical Rifle displines.

What say you?


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Old 07-04-2017, 01:10 AM
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Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS?  
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At one time I was a hard core red dot fan for those distances; no more.

I'm old enough that my eyesight just doesn't work well enough for 100 yards. I need magnification.

So, I bought a 1-4x24 scope. It was wonderful to use. Speed of acquisition at 1x and decent magnification at 4x. Then I came to the realization that I never took it off 4x. Then I went through a class and just to mix things up, I set it to 3x. I had no trouble acquiring the target at close range and getting good hits at 100 yards.

So I've switched to fixed magnification. I've gone to the ACOG and I'm not going back. I have a TA33R-8. It's a 3x and super light. I've even played around with a red dot on a 45 mount and still just use the ACOG.

The short version is, fixed magnified. Buy quality the first time and don't look back.
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Old 07-04-2017, 01:33 AM
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Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS?  
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Though I can tell they're not as good as they were 5yrs ago, I've still got pretty good eyes, still 20/15 in fact according to the nurse who did my DOT physical last month. With that said, 100yds is about the limit for me with a red dot if I want to hit anything smaller than a diner plate. If you even think you might be shooting at something past 100yds, you'd probably do well to go ahead and get a good tactical scope. Of all the lower power scopes I've tried so far, the Vortex Strike Eagle seems to me the easiest to use. It gives a quick and clear sight view easy target acquisition no matter where my head happens to be in relation to the optic.
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Old 07-04-2017, 02:21 AM
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Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS?  
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I'm with the others. Totally depends on what you do with it. Had a Sightmark red dot and liked it, but we ended up shooting 100yds more than anything and I sold it and got a Leatherwood CMR4. Not a popular scope, but I've been really impressed with it. Glass is ok, 1MOA dot is awesome. Ended up with a 2nd AR and got a Sightmark Pro Spec (or whatever there more expensive version is called) with the 2MOA dot and like it as well. 2 different animals. One rifle I'll use at closer ranges, the one with the 1-4 scope I rarely shoot from anywhere close. Did get to shoot it a couple weeks back at steel from 215yds and it wasn't even challenging with the 1MOA dot. Normally shooting 100-130yds at 3" steel spinner plates rigged up in the back yard.
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Old 07-04-2017, 07:11 AM
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Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS? Scope or RDS?  
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My rifle is designated for self defense if that need should arise. My top criteria for an optic was fast target acquisition and reliability. I practice shooting offhand, mostly at steel 50-200yds. I went with an Aimpoint H1-- small and light. 1-4x is fast enough on 1x and of course offers magnification if that need arises, but the trade-off is more weight and no co-witness with BUIS. Everything is a compromise....

One thing to consider about offhand shooting is that magnification exaggerates rifle movement. This can make a shooter more tentative rather than more accurate. Unless eyesight is significantly impaired, a shooter should be able to hold center on a piece of printer paper or paper plate at 100yds with a 1x red dot. Magnification at these distances is usually more about a small bullseye, slower and more precise aiming rather than quickly getting lead on target.

Since you just got your rifle, maybe shoot with irons while investigating your options for an optic. When you're out on the range, other shooters are usually quite receptive to questions about the optic on their rifle and will often offer to let ya handle the rifle to get a view.

If I lived in the desert I might have leaned toward magnification and holdover reticle. But around here... well... things are CQB by default... heavy woods.

There's a lot of variables and considerations that go into choosing an optic.

Happy optics hunting.

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