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Old 08-07-2010, 06:11 PM
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Default Need some help M41/M617...

Model 41, 5"...617, 6", 10 shot SS cyl...Model 41, 5"...617, 6", 10 shot SS cyl...

Semi auto vs wheel gun...While I understand everyone has their individual opinions on these two fine pistols can I get some of you to offer up yours?

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Old 08-07-2010, 06:14 PM
Loco Weed Loco Weed is offline
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What are you going to use it for? Hunting, target shooting, collecting....
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Old 08-07-2010, 06:37 PM
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I have a 5.5" 41 that I bought new in the early eighties, a 8-3/8" 10 shot 617 I bought about 3 years ago, and a 4" 10 shot 617 I bought about 2 years ago. I think all 3 are fantastic firearms and I wouldn't trade any of them. I use all three primarily for plate and bowling pin shoots these days. The 41 is by far the easiest to shoot fast, but when it comes right down to it I love revolvers. The 8-3/8 617 is more forgiving than the 4" on plates and pins but it is slower to swing from target to target. I guess the most telling fact is that I have been using the 4" exclusively for the last couple years, even though it is more difficult to shoot than the other two, it is quick and a blast to shoot. I am the only shooter in the matches with a revolver, everyone else shoots a semi, a lot with red dot sights, but I have won a couple matches and can pretty much always place within the top three. When you can beat the semi auto boys with a box stock revolver in a speed competition its a pretty good feeling! I think maybe the 6" 617 would be the best of both worlds, I've seen a couple at gunshows and been sorely tempted, but as I also have a 6" six shot 17 from the mid seventies I can't really justify to myself buying another 617 just to have the additional 4 rounds.
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Old 08-08-2010, 06:23 PM
Lowpower Lowpower is offline
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Thanks, Loco Weed and madmikeb.

I have to amend the Model 41's length. It's actually a 7 inch.
I have a tendency to shoot to proficiency then I may hunt with it.
I ended up with the Model 41. It just fits my hand so well it points naturally. I just got home from the range. I did some practical pistol on some 8 inch steel plates then a little bullseye. What was so surprising was I could gently double tap it and get ding, ding in response. Nice!
The DA on the 617 just can't match the trigger pull of the M41.

On to bullseye. Walking off the AP range and onto the bullseye range left me still a bit excited after having it shoot so well. I had trouble slowing down to deliberate slow fire. I only shot out to 15 yards but the groups were acceptable for a first time under my ownership.

The 617 under single slow fire shot very nicely. The 6" barrel has a fair amount of weight and points well. It's just not the same feel as the M41.

I'm gonna eat then head out and clean my new toy. I'll try and take a pic of it. I have to say I shoot much better than I take pics...
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Old 08-23-2010, 01:12 AM
johnnywitt johnnywitt is offline
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You know you're gonna end up with both, right.
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Old 08-23-2010, 03:56 AM
Jimmymac46 Jimmymac46 is offline
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This an apples to oranges comparison if I have every heard one. The only similarity they have between them is that they are both 22lr. If you are a new or inexperienced shooter, go with the revolver. User friendly, relliable (if you swab the cylinders after every 50 rounds) and maybe a little cheaper. If you have a wife or girlfriend, the revolver will be better for them at the range.....safer and easier to use.

If you are an experienced shooter who enjoys shooting one hole targets, go with the 41.

Finally, as stated earlier, get them both. They are premium firearms which even when used frequently will not depreciate in value if you take reasonable care of them.
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Old 08-25-2010, 03:50 AM
rimfirereggie rimfirereggie is offline
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I was recently in endless research mode over the the exact same two guns you are talking about....

I went and shot a friends Model 41 several times over a two week period and really, really liked it. But the other side of me wanted a Model 617 revolver so I could shoot whatever kind of ammo I wanted/had and not worry about jams, etc.
Well, I didn't plan it this way, but I ended up with both a Model 41 and a mint condition Model 17-8 6" fully lugged, blued, 10-shot revolver (same as 617, only blued version instead of stainless... made for a couple years around 1997/98).
I have shot both extensively over the last few weeks. They are both wonderful guns and a blast to shoot.
I can shoot the Model 41 with accuracy like no other handgun I have ever owned. It really is as good everyone says!
I didn't seem to shoot the revolver as well.
I thought maybe I just needed more trigger time behind the revolver as most of the research I had done indicated that it should be behind in the accuracy department vs the Model 41, but not by a huge margin.

I was able to put both guns in a Ransom rest and take the human element out.
The results supported what I had already observed... the Model 41 out does the revolver in the accuracy department by quite a bit.
This was with a large assortment of ammo (CCI SV, CCI MM, Eley Sport, Eley Tenex, Federal Automatch, Fed bulk, Win Xpert, plus a few others... only shot the SV stuff out of the Model 41, tried everything in the Model 17-8).

Everyone has their own reasons for what they want from a gun... for me, I have come to the conclusion once again that accuracy is what does it for me.
I have sat and fired hundreds of rounds out of both guns on the same day several times in the last few weeks and have come to realize that a guy probably does 'need' more than one .22LR handgun.

But, if I could only have one? Easy choice... the Model 41 hands down.
It seems to just tear up the bullseyes like nobody's business.

But I can't use whatever cheap bulk ammo is handy and have to use more expensive SV target ammo (CCI SV, Eley, Wolf)?? No big deal... my Savage BTVLSS happens to shoot that stuff the most accurately too!
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Old 08-25-2010, 06:32 AM
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I think every one has pretty much stated the case as it is already. I shoot a lot of 22 caliber handgun and I own two Model 41's, a 17-4 with 8 3/8 inch barrel, and K22 with 6 inch barrel, and a Model 617 (6 shot) with 6 inch barrel and they are all excellent shooters and are all very accurate. The most accurate of the bunch for me is the 17-4 with 8 3/8 barrel as it's almost scary accurate. The Model 41's are next and the K22 and 617 are close but not quite as accurate as the others.

The primary reason I shoot the 22 pistols is for fun the Model 41 wins easily in that catagory while the revolver wins hands down in the cost of shooting and ease of ammo purchasing. The revolver will shoot any ammo including the bulk pack stuff which I find Federal the best. The Model 41 comes with a factory recommendation for shooting standard velocity ammo. Mine likes CCI standard velocity ammo the best and it's not always easy to find around where I live.

Even revolvers have brands of 22 ammo that they shoot better then others but in the end they will shoot all of them with some brands shooting more accurate then others. This is handy when you have kids or grand kids and you want them to shoot until thier hearts are content and a bulk pack of 22 ammo is a whole lot of smiles for not a lot of money.

In terms of cleaning the Model 41 breaks down super easy and is the easiest to clean verses the revolver although none of them are difficult to clean.
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Old 08-26-2010, 08:26 PM
Lowpower Lowpower is offline
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Thanks all.
The good news is I ended up with the M41.

The bad news is the M617 is gone.

The good news is the M617 has been swapped to my son-in-law so I might be able to buy it back from him in the future.

God I love the bang, bang and tink, tink with it hitting the steel plates.
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22lr, 617, bullseye, k22, m41, m617, model 17, model 41, savage

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