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Originally Posted by stbryson View Post

That is a nice looking, and unique, gun. A few observations:

It seems to me like the 1945 and 1946 factory return dates have no connection to the engraving and rebluing. It seems unlikely that Benno Heune would have done such elaborate engraving so soon after taking up the art in 1944. I don't know when Mr. Heune was most prolific with his gun engraving, but what I have read suggests that it was at least after the mid-1950s. While it doesn't really mean anything, Benno Heune was not listed in E.C. Prudhome's 1961 book, "Gun Engraving Review".

If the engraving is later than the mid-1950s, and the front sight was installed after the engraving was done, then it is unlikely that King Gun Sight did the work, as that company closed around 1952 (though it would be possible that King did the original work earlier, and the sight was remounted after the engraving).

Is the hammer marked with the King name? I have not seen any reference to S&W installing King hammers, though they did install King sights. After King Gun Sight closed, operations were taken over by Ricky Gunsight Co., and they continued to manufacture/install "King" sights. King and Rickey also sold individual parts, so parts also could be installed by other gunsmiths.

Maybe when the S&W invoices become more accessible, the work done during the 1945 and 1946 returns can be determined.

I am not trying to trash this gun, or throw a monkey wrench in any suppositions - just offering some observations and alternative possibilities.

Take care,
I read this post early this morning, and was about to offer my opinion that there were some really good points here. It is good info, and I personally agree with every point mentioned. A rather urgent errand prevented my posting at that time.

I will add that the poster's attitude, demonstrated by the sections in blue above, seems rather pleasant to me. I apologize to all for being mostly absent from these sections lately, and only make the excuse that it is for the greater good in evolving this board. I intend to be present more in the near future.
All that is said to declare that I really don't have a good grasp on the recent dynamics in this section, but, taking this post at face value, the responses could be a bit mellower.

As you know, I have invited many members back that have been absent from our midst. I truly desire to see unity, as much as humanly possible, amongst those of us truly interested in the pursuit and advancement of S&W knowledge and collecting.

I am not at yet at liberty to discuss more changes that are possible for this board, but there are some very interesting possibilities ahead. We have an opportunity here to enjoy this hobby like never before.
My advice, and I hope always my habit, is to move on from the present.

I may as well be frank. There have been feuds among us. Cliques have come and gone.
I do not contend that we shall revamp human nature, heal all wounds, nor make the lion lay down with the lamb. I merely ask that posters give thought to what they post, and that readers take posts at face value. Try to get along. When someone gets grossly out of line, we shall certainly sanction/censure them. If not out of line, don't heap fuel on a smoldering fire.

We have a good man down today in our loss of Ray Cheely. He was always pleasant, always the consummate gentleman.
Let's honor that.
Lee Jarrett
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