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Default These magna classic revolvers are truly one of the classiest s&w 44mags of all times.

Mine is even rarer than a blue or stainless steel "1 of 3000". Mine is a stainless 7 1/2" MAGNA CLASSIC [ with all the correct markings..] which was one of the four final prototypes for the gun and was a demonstration model for the SHOT SHOW that year. It was shipped to me for T&E the week after SHOTSHOW complete with no firing pin !!! I put in a firing pin meant for a blue gun but they all work the same, as it were.
I hated those stupid combat style stocks on such a substantial revolver and had Deacon Deason of BEARHUG STOCKS make a set of roundbutt-to-squarebutt conversion stocks for it pronto. A short while later I stood at a range outside Buena Vista COLO and from 900am to 1200 noon put a full case of FEDERAL 44MAG 240JHP and a full case of BLACKHILLS 44SPL 240SWC ammunition through it shooting two handed offhand at 100 yards. I have owned rifles that do not shoot as well.
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