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Originally Posted by socal s&w View Post
Yes, I load for a 52-2 and am having somewhat the same issues as you describe. The extractor looks fine under magnification as well.

I also believe that possibly it's not necessarily the sizing, but how the bullet 'expands' the brass after loading.

I have noted that the brass seems to have a slight bulge where the bullet is seated. (At least I can see something looking like a bulge if the lighting is right.)

I think that the issue lies there, since the 52's seem to be notoriously tight, it wouldn't take much of a bulge to be offensive.

I use Winchester brass and primers with a Hornady 148gr, and the issue has subsided, but is still there on perhaps 10% of the rounds fired. I was loading with 148gr LDEWC and had more than that, around 20%. (The bulge was more visible with those LDEWC bullets....maybe they are slightly over-sized, like .357, not .356?)
Get a Lee Factory Crimp Die: Lee Precision, Inc. Reloading Tools and Equipment: Lee Crimping Dies
Scroll to the pistol section in the middle of the page. Use it last and I think it will eliminate all your bluge problems. It "post sizes" the loaded cartridge and will put a slight roll crimp over the top of the bullet. I seat in the next to last step/stage and then use the FCD to "post size" and crimp. I have been using 2.7 gr of Bullseye, 148 gr DEWC's seated flush and the Lee FCD and have not had an ejection problem since I got the FCD. (More than 2 years)


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